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The process of a Wine Tasting by the sommelier Mesquevi in Costa Brava: 

Somelier de Mesquevi. 

cata de vinos por mesquevi y worldperfectholidays en la Costa Brava


When we started the wine tasting, we look at external factors, which is the physical space where the wine is to be performed, the glass of wine or "sherry", the tasting room and the temperature of the wine. 

• In the tasting room both the walls and the furniture should be light colored (white) should have good lighting, be well ventilated, be a quiet place with a temperature and humidity that make the work enjoyable taster. 
• The wine should be served at the proper temperature. The young white wines and champagnes between 6 and 9 ° C, white wines with oak and pink between 10 and 13 º C, young red wines between 14 and 16 º C, red Crianza or book between 16 and 18 º C and sweet wines between 7 and 10 ° C. 

The wine tasting is composed of three main phases: 


After tasting each wine, professional wine taster spits into a spittoon. 
It is usual to compare wine aromas with flavors known as are fruits (lemon, pineapple, banana, apple, blackberry, peach, cherries, raspberries, etc.)., Flowers, wood, ash, coffee, butter, cocoa, leather, pepper, ink, wet earth, among others. 
What do you think? Are we going to the Costa Brava and we conducted a tasting of wine or Cava?

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